Running During 2020 Coronavirus Restrictions

Updated 13/5/20

Please note that until further notice the following changes to our races will be in place so that they are compliant with Government regulations.

Maximum competitors per race = 60

There will be no registration on the day. No indoor locations will be used

All runners should respect social distancing at all times

There will be no mass start. Instead each runner will start 2 minutes apart. No more than two runners may run together.

You are responsible for your own kit check.

All runners will be supplied with a  tracker, which will display your current location on a webpage. You should run with a mobile phone that is switched on so that if we notice you going off course we can contact you and put you back on course.

Courses will be modified to start and finish at the car park.

Courses will NOT be taped

There will be no race numbers, we can identify you via the trackers.

Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your start time. When you do please collect your tracker from the event car a black Mitsubishi Outlander with the Punk Panther logo on, and leave you drop bag (no bigger than a carrier bag)

Number of Checkpoints will be reduced and will be stocked with 2 x 500ml bottles of water per runner. Packs or crisps, mini cheddars, Nakd bars,  Trek Bars and Brunch Bars etc will be supplied wrapped for hygiene, and there will be hand sanitiser available. Most races will also have the opportunity for you to supply a drop bag to restock your personal supplies at or after half way.

Upon finishing, please return your tracker, collect your race bag (containing medal & T Shirt) and drop bag (if it has been returned from the checkpoint) and then leave. There is no food at the finish, you should either bring your own, or Otley town centre is less than a 5 minute walk.

ITRA/UTMB points for all courses will remain unchanged. Where a route is resubmitted it will be checked to ensure it still carries the same points.

Anyone who has already entered a race and is not happy with the above changes may transfer their entry to another race or another runner or have an 80% refund, as long as they do so before entries close.