Kit List

Kit list for all Punk Panther Ultra Marathons

You are expected to carry the following at all times during the race. Failure to do so may result in time penalties or disqualification.

Your Kit WILL be checked at registration before races unless otherwise advised.

PLASTIC CUP – or something to drink from
500 ml water/energy drink
Energy Bar/Nutrition
Head Torch (only if you are likely to finish after dark – check the race cut offs you will not be allowed to leave a check point without one if it is dark)
Whistle (this may be, and often is, attached to your running pack)
Waterproof jacket with taped seams
Emergency blanket

Extra base layer: (not compulsory but strongly recommended for races on the moors)
Map/Route description: This can be downloaded from the Facebook Group for the race or from the website NOT just gpx file.
Mobile phone: (with the race directors number – 07950 008005 stored in it in case of emergencies). When registering you will need to leave your mobile number in case of emergencies, so please always leave your phone switched on.

Tracker: We will supply this as part of your entry fee. It will be supplied in a small Velcro pouch; you should ideally attach it to your shoulder strap facing skyward. There is a panic button in the middle of the front. If you are in danger and need rescuing, you should press the button. If you do your race will end (we can reset though if pressed in error).

This is the standard kit for all races, but please check the website for the specific race in case there are any special requirements due to the weather etc.

Races held during COVID – This for ALL races until further notice.

You will not be kit checked, it is your responsibility to ensure you have a full kit as above and your condition of entry is that you carry the kit required.

You do not need to bring a plastic cup as the only fluids we will be providing is 2x500ml water bottles per runner at each checkpoint.

You must carry a buff or facemask, if we need to rescue you, you will be required to wear one, also there are sometimes shops around the course, which you may wish to use.