Event Management Plan 2019

Punk Panther Ultra Marathons Event Management Plan 2019

Event Name                                       Date                                                      Start (Otley)

The Welcome Ultra                        Saturday 2nd March                         Weston Lane Community Centre

A Bridge Too Far                               Saturday 11th May                           Weston Lane Community Centre

The Urban Legend                           Saturday 8th June                             Station Top Car Park

The High Life                                     Saturday 6th July                              Station Top Car Park

Reservoir Dogs                                  Saturday 28th September             Weston Lane Community Centre

A Short Circuit                                   Saturday 2nd November                Station Top Car Park

Christmas Cracker Mystery Handicap     Saturday 14th December               Pool Methodist Church


All events finish at the Race HQ – Pool-in-Wharfedale Methodist Church, Main Street, Pool-in-Wharfedale, LS21 1LH.


Event Management Contacts

Race Director                                     Ryk Downes                                       07950 008005

Safety Officer                                    Bev Downes                                       07947 398456



The start will have 3 marshals plus 1 marshal for every 50 runners. Checkpoints will have 2 marshals, plus 1 marshal for every 50 runners over 100. The finish will  have between 2 marshals and 8 marshals depending on the volume of competitors expected.


Pre-race Set Up.

No equipment will be used during the race, except the Race Director will mark the route the week before the race. This will consist of yellow florist tape tied to trees and posts and where appropriate A5 correx boards with direction arrows.



See individual race for the start location. The RD will give a race brief 5 minutes before the start with any last minute instructions. Marshals will also be present to conduct a kit check for all runners to ensure they have the correct mimimum equipment to complete the race this will include
500 ml water/energy drink
Energy Bar/Nutrition
Head Torch (only if you are likely to finish after dark – check the race cut offs you will not be allowed to leave a check point without one if it is dark)
Waterproof jacket with taped seams
Emergency blanket
Extra base layer (not compulsory but strongly recommended for races on the moors)
Map/Route description NOT just gpx file.
Mobile phone (with the race directors number – 07950 008005 stored in it in case of emergencies). When registering competitors will need to leave their mobile number in case of emergencies.

This is the standard kit for all races, but competitors are advised to check the website for the specific race in case there are any special requirements due to the weather etc.




There will be a minimum of two sweepers who will go along at the back of the race to remove all the tape and signs and to ensure that all runners have passed through each checkpoint as they arrive there. If anyone has not passed through then the Race Director will be informed and will attempt to contact the competitor on their mobile phone.



Each event will have a minimum of 5 checkpoints with a minimum of two marshals at each. Checkpoints will be stocked with water, coke, flapjacks, Marshmallows, jaffa cakes, peanuts etc as well as a first aid kit.



If at any point a competitor feels unable to continue they are to contact the Race Director who will deploy a marshal to collect them and to return them to the finish ASAP.



At Pool Methodist Church. A first aider will be present and any competitors kit that has been transferred from start will be available to collect. A hot meal Pre-ordered will be available as well as other refreshments.

Free transport back to the car park will be provided for all competitors should they require it.



All competitors sign the following disclaimer upon entering an event.


‘I accept the following terms for my own entry. I also accept the terms on behalf of any other participants I am entering in this event, all of whom have been provided with a copy of these terms and accept them:

I declare that the information on this form is complete and correct. I understand and agree that I participate in this event at my own risk and that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards.  I am aware that the function of the marshals is only to indicate direction and that I must decide if the movement is safe. I agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to the promoter, promoting club, meeting sponsor(s) or member of the promoting club in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by me on or by reason of the event, however caused.’


Competitors are also advised that should they require it they should take out their own insurance against injury, loss of earnings etc.


In addition, Punk Panther Ultra Marathons have £5m public liability insurance through Covea.