It was a tough but great day – Mark Limon (Welcome Ultra 3rd April 2021)

It was a tough but great day , I was talked (shamed) into doing the long course but I comforted myself with the knowledge that after the the Chevin it would be a simple matter of cruising downhill to the finish in the last 4.5 miles of lovely mostly runnable and wide Chevin paths . Before getting to the Chevin it was a classic Punk Panther event , smooth registration , great organisation , challenging course , Marshalls simply outstanding , cheerful and , encouraging in equal measures with the chance to catch up with some lovely people at the checkpoints . I eventually got to the Chevin ready to start the easy 4.5 miles downhill, 4.5 miles later I shuffled into the finish thinking WTF was that and I never learn. Since when does Ryk Downes make a course easier when he modifies it ? 😂 The Welcome has always been a tough course , now with new route it is now truly hardcore and next year in March weather it will not be for the fainthearted !!!

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