The Punk Panther Ultra Marathon Races UK have been carefully selected to cover a wide range of terrains to suit both serious runners and novices. There are currently 6 Ultra Marathons selected for 2017, each has been hand picked and tested for views, scenery, terrain and distance to make your event as special and unique as possible.

All the courses are waymarked where appropriate and details of the Ordnance Survey Maps that cover the races are provided. Some of the races are based on existing long distance walks and for these booklets are already available.

For more information on an event just click on any of the links below.

Welcome Ultra 50K/63K:  Saturday 3 March 2018.


A Bridge Too Far 50K/60K:   Saturday 12th May 2018.


Welcome Ultra Too 50K/63K:  Saturday 8th June 2018.


The High Life 50K/80K/105K/125K:  Saturday 7 July 2018.


Urban Legend 50K/57K/66K:  Saturday 18th August 2018.


Reservoir Dogs 43K/57K:  Sat 29th September 2018.


Short Circuit 50K:  Saturday 3 November 2018.