Training For an Ultra

Here are a few thoughts on how I became an Ultra runner. To train for an ultra the most important thing to fix IMHO is head, nutrition, fitness – In that order. Part of the head is forcing yourself to train even when you don’t want to. Unless you have a physical injury or chest infection aim for three/four days on and two days off, if you can fit in a long run on the evening of the third day and follow it up with a long run on the morning of the fourth. Or try for two runs in a day morning and evening. Try and get as much time on your feet, long walks are better than short runs. But you should try to speed walk – at least 4mph if you can. When running don’t try to run the hills unless they are very gentle, only the top Ultra runners do. I can walk faster uphill than I can run, it uses different muscles and gives your running muscles a rest. Nutrition you need to keep hydrated and try to listen to what your body wants. It becomes harder to refuel the longer you go. So try to stock up early without overdoing it. Electrolytes, Potassium and Sodium are all critical and you need to find out what works for you sugar and caffeine can also play a very important role. A running partner can often help with encouragement and to take your mind away from negative thoughts. – Just a few musings from how I managed to get started.