River Aire Ultra 2021 – Marshal List

Start: Leeds City Centre Open 5.45am to 9am
Dylan Rickerby, Ian Moran
CP1: Apperley Bridge (8.5 miles) Open 8.30am to 11am
Tim Ayres, Sara Richard
CP2: Hirst Wood (15 miles) Open 10am to Noon
Ian Grimsey, Bernie Bowden
CP3: Thwaites Brow (21.5 miles) Open 11am to 1pm
Grant Smalley, Helena Dillon
CP4: Kildwick (28 miles) Open 12.30pm to 2.30pm
Eddie Arthur, Michael Frazer
CP5: Skipton (35 miles) Open 2pm to 5pm
Kirsten Whitehead, Helena Dillon
CP6 : Airton (41.5 miles) Open 3pm to 7pm
Tom & Jennifer Stewart 
Finish: Malham Tarn (47.8 miles) Open 4pm to 9pm
Ian Moran, Pam Baird