Reservoir Dogs 2020 – Checkpoints and Diversion

Start and Finish

We are in the front of the car park, turn immediately right as you come of the main road.

Checkpoint 1 – St.Andrews Church, Blubberhouses

Go through the car park and turn left up the hill to church, CP is in layby outside.

When leaving this CP go back down the hill. If you are doing the long course cross over the road and go down the lane opposite If you are doing the short course, DON’T cross the road, instead turn right and continue on the A59 to the layby.

CP2 Layby on A59 (Long course only )

It wont be there when early short course runners go through so dont panic!

As you go along the A59 (there is a track in the grass verge) it is on your right.

CP3 Stainburn Forest Car Park

CP4 Castley

CP is in layby on left of the road after you have gone through the hamlet of Castley

Diversion at Thruscross (Long Course Only)

Don’t take the path through the woods, use the road (Blue line)