Panther Takes The Hindmost Marshals 2020

Normally this event takes place around Swinsty and Fewston Reservoirs, but whilst there are only 20 registered runners, Yorkshire Water will not permit the event on their land, I can normally marshal on my own, but this year the event is out and back along the Leeds Liverpool Canal so I need someone at the other end to check runners have done a full lap!

The only duty is to take down the time of arrival and message it to me.

Whilst I only need one marshal at the other end and myself. It would be nice to have two at each location in case of any problems.

So far this is what has been confirmed. Please let me know if and where you would like to help.

Full details of the race, locations etc can be found here

CP1 : Crossflatts

9.30am to 10:30: Jo Barrett

10.30am to 12 noon: Jo Barrett, Rachel Welby

12 noon to 5pm: Gabriel Adams, Rachel Welby

5pm to 7pm: William Woodhead, Rachel Welby

7pm to 9.30pm: William Woodhead, Ian Grimsey

Start – Hirst Lock

8.30am onwards

Ryk Downes, Jon & Shirley Steele