Panther Takes The Hindmost

Panther Takes The Hindmost. A new event for 2019.


This race also has ITRA points, if you complete the following number of laps you will be credited with points as below.

3 Laps = 1 ITRA point

5 Laps = 2 ITRA points

8 Laps = 3 ITRA points

12 Laps = 4 ITRA points

14 Laps = 5 ITRA points

18 Laps = 6 ITRA points

Friday 11th October 2019

Car Park & Start Between Swinsty and Fewston Reservoirs. Please try to park in the special event car park (one car per competitor only)

Cost £30 – MAX 100 ENTRIES.


This involves everyone starting out on a Friday morning on a 10.5km loop of Swinsty and Fewston Reservoirs After 4 laps the elimination laps start and the person last to finish the next lap will be eliminated (see rules). No one will be allowed to start on a new elimination lap until all the runners are home from the previous lap and one is eliminated. This will continue until there are just three runners left. They will then be allowed to continue until there is only one left. The last three standing will be awarded special prizes for their endurance.

The start will be from a car park, so you can rest up and refill in your car between laps. There are also public toilets available throughout the race.

I’m game to sit there for as long as it takes to secure a winner!

Full Rules. (Subject to change at Race Director’s discretion!)

  1. Start is from 9.30am, you may start later if you wish, but you must complete four 10.5km laps by 3.25pm, when you have finished 4 laps you must rest until the elimination laps start)
  2. Elimination Laps start at 3.30pm (if you have not finished your first four laps by this time you are withdrawn from the race, but may complete another half lap to get a medal)
  3. Depending on numbers the RD may rule that the last person at the half way point each lap is eliminated (this will be known at the start of the lap) along with the last person to finish each elimination lap, in the event of a tie, all runners tying will be eliminated.
  4. You may retire at any time; there is also a half way point at which you can retire; however, if you are not in last place, the person in last place will still be taken from the race.
  5. Anyone taking more than 2 hours to complete a lap will be eliminated.
  6. No elimination lap will start until all runners have completed the previous lap (unless there is only one left to complete – who will be eliminated). There will also be a minimum of 5 minutes between laps for all runners.
  7. When only 3 runners remain, no further eliminations will be made by the RD unless a runner takes more than 2 hours between completing laps (runners may build in comfort breaks into their schedule)
  8. The person covering the greatest distance will be deemed the winner, in the event of a tie, the first one to complete the distance will win.
  9. All runners competing will get a T-Shirt, Anyone completing 4.5 laps or more will get a medal. Trophies will be awarded as per Punk Panther Rules There will be additional prizes for the first three runners
  10. All runners are expected to provide their own supplies for the duration of the race. If you do not have a car, please contact the RD prior to the race to arrange for your supplies to be kept at the car park.

There is no kit requirement, other than you should have a mobile phone on you in case of emergencies or to notify of a retirement. Those expecting to run into the night should have a head torch in their kit (you don’t have to run with it in daylight hours).

Any questions – ASK!