Welcome Ultra 2020 – Dan Durrant

The Welcome Ultra was the first Punk Panther event I’ve entered and I was blown away by the support and enthusiasm from everyone involved in it’s organisation. It was an awesome race with some stunning scenery. I cannot recommend enough and really look forward to entering many more Punk Panther events in the future.

Welcome Ultra 2020 – David Coulthard

It was great to catch up, sorry that should say meet old faces; didn’t do much catching up. Once again great event well organised and with great marshals and support. Now to clean kit down ready for next outing and catching up with others at least at the start

Welcome Ultra 2020 – Jade Angela

Thank you to all the team who put together this ultra. Brilliant support, great atmosphere and navigation was spot on. 10/10 would run again.
And well done everyone who took on this challenge. 👏

Welcome Ultra 2020 – Andy Pickering

Another fantastic PP yesterday, keeping up my 100% Welcome completion although only my first as a ‘looper’ 😂.
Adding my thanks to everyone involved in making the day so successful and enjoyable, and nurse Bev for cleaning me up after my ‘killer bramble’ attack.
I haven’t been involved in as many PP events as I’d have liked previously with other races in the calendar, but glad I’m already signed up to a lot more this year, and looking forward to the River Aire next 😀

Welcome Ultra 2020 – Stuart Ogden

A great big thanks from this Punk Panther virgin. Marshal’s did a fine job (shot of bourbon was a treat). Great checkpoints and managed to eat more at this ultra than any other.
Great training for the Fling (runner no. 122, hope to bump into you there).
I’ll be singing your praises when I’m back home.

Welcome Ultra 2020 – Mark Limon

Another excellent and challenging PP Event did not get the time I was looking for but made sure I pushed and was happy to be in the top five for the first five seconds 😂 Big bonus , I was only called Kev twice !! To that person who said ” you look in pain” nah I wasn’t , that was my patent pending “old man shuffle” run , not pretty but it gets me along 😁 There was a few new faces on the checkpoints , all brilliant especially those at the last checkpoint as the wind was getting up .Top tip ,once I have been through you know its getting to the last of the field . . Ryk Downes and Bev Downes brilliant RDs , well done to you both 👍👍

Welcome Ultra 2020 – James (Fozzy) Forster

Last week I came 3rd in a 5k.

Yesterday it was my first ultra post surgery! Back in my spiritual home. 😊

A big big thank you to Ryk, Bev & everyone who volunteered!! You were all amazing at the checkpoints and the finish.

My word was it muddy!! Up to my knees at times and very hard going!

As some of you may or may not know, I suffer from Crohn’s disease and last year I had to have surgery for the 5th time meaning I was unable to do any of the races last year.

Despite this, I still managed recover and train to do Chicago and New York marathon in my pursuit of the six star medal. This year, I’ve taken a charity place for Berlin for Crohn’s & Colitis UK to help those who are unable to do what I do. I am so lucky so spend the day with you all on these adventures, not everyone with Crohns is.


Welcome Ultra 2020 – Kev Limon

Loved it yesterday, had a feel good vibe right from the get go…lots of banter on the course especially at the checkpoints with the marshals!
Some very interesting sections on the course it has to be said, a few WTF’s and a bit of manic laughing worked wonders🙃….
As always the welcome at the finish put a smile on my face and the free post race massage service from James Ellis was the icing on the cake..£10 for 15 mins at other events which I happily pay and reap the benefits next day…
Already looking forward to next Punk Panther challenge….April 11th

River Aire Ultra…🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️
Anyone else up for the