Past Winners (M)


Male Female MV50 FV50
Welcome Ultra
2017 Classic David Stoneman 04:40 Claire Baker 05:54 Gary Dale 06:03 Caroline Upton 07:50
2018 Classic David Stoneman 05:11 Emma Wilkins 06:21 Andrew Thompson 06:21 Dee Bouderba 08:28
2018 Classic Adam Stirk 05:05 Janet Lewis 06:27 Richard Walker 06:22 Pam Baird 07:46
2018 Long Matt Wilkinson 07:23 NA Dave Parker 08:28 NA
2018 Long John Firth 06:18 Claire Baker 07:27 Stephen Taylor 08:01 Annette Clarke 08:56
A Bridge Too Far
2017 Long David Stoneman 05:48 Amy Yates 08:06 Pawel Fradczak 07:14 NA
2018 Long David Stoneman 05:53 Emma Lavelle-Wood 06:41 Gary Dale 07:00 Pam Baird 09:02
2017 Short Richard Whitaker 06:45 NA NA NA
2018 Short Adam Ridley 06:05 Sarah Goddard 07:02 Richard Walker 06:46 NA
The High Life
2018 Extra Long Tom Gant 16:42 Caroline Turner 18:47 Dave Parker 19:47 NA
2017 Long John Firth 14:39 NA Simon Franklin 16:57 NA
2018 Long William Woodhead 16:18 Diane MacDonald 16:44 NA NA
2017 Medium S. Bourke/I.Winstanley 12:29 NA NA NA
2018 Medium Robert Smith/Will Jones 10:45 NA James Cook 13:01 NA
2017 Short Alex Nancolas 06:58 Amy Yates 07:54 NA NA
2018 Short Stephen Kirk/C. Goddard 05:30 Alison Mawson 07:37 David Coulthard 07:27 NA
The Urban Legend
2017 Long Adam Newsome 07:26 Collette Flaherty 10:17 Simon Bourke 08:49 NA
2018 Long Stephen Kirk 06:52 Caroline Turner 06:56 James Ellis 07:36 NA
2017 Medium Tom Storey 07:38 Linda Morgan 07:38 NA NA
2018 Medium Ashley Mancy-Johnson 06:44 C.Davis/E.Sheldrake 08:44 Andy Pickering 08:14 Mary Burton 10:01
2017 Short Chris Petch 07:26 Tish Joyce 06:44 NA NA
2018 Short Connor Grady 06:21 NA David Coulthard 06:24 Ann Kisluk 08:25
Reservoir Dogs
2017 Long Thomas Hughes 06:02 Carol Morgan 06:17 Simon Franklin 06:53 NA
2018 Long Tim Brook 05:06 Julie Bowman 06:43 Nicholes Booker 06:24 Alex Whapples 06:48
2017 Short Richard Whitaker 05:28 Marina McCallum 05:56 Peter Harper 05:56 NA
2018 Short Alistiar Murray 03:42 Britta Werner 05:36 Stefan Barden 05:33 Julie Lucas 07:04
Short Circuit
2017 Craig Pritchard 05:18 Hailey Fletcher 06:33 Gary Dale 06:21 Jill Holt 07:02
2018 Alistiar Murray 04:45 Caroline Turner 05:25 Simon Bourne 05:14 Helen Clayman 06:59


What ultrarunners had to say about the 2017 season

Here are just some of the reviews of our races, by those that have done them.


Alex Nancolas: 5* Great no fuss ultras run just north of Leeds with great routes and scenery

Euan Clark: 5* The Welcome Ultra was my first Ultra and the bar has been set really high by Ryk and Bev, the course was really good (although ive never seen so much mud in all my life!), would love to do it again in drier conditions! The organisation was absolutely perfect, course was really well taped, marshals were all fantastic and couldn’t do enough for us at each stop. We’ll be keeping an eye on Punk Panthers other events and we’ll definitely be back to do more. First Class event thank you!

Ged Futter:  5* A fantastic ultra, amazing route, very well marked and great marshals. Next up A Bridge too Far!

Vanessa Ford: 5* Brilliant event, well organised, excellent marshalling and great route marking/instructions. Amazing course, a real challenge! Lots of food at the end and well looked after! A lot of work clearly went into the event, well done all.

Louise Clark: 5* Fantastic well organised event, course marking superb, challenging route, plenty of aid stations, encouraging marshals and a hot meal at the end. Transport back to the start too. What more could you want.

Mal Dunn: 5* Brilliant ! Well organised and well marked route! .. the marshals were outstanding !

Paul Hamer: 5* Great initial run to the series yesterday ~ Welcome Ultra. Not for the faint hearted with some pretty tough mud to get through. Top tip, have the correct footwear!

Well organised, great marshalls and venues. Lovely RD’s ~ Ryk & Bev.

Highly recommended to the novice and the elite runners alike. Looking forward to the next race in the series ���

High Life Ultra to be part of Todmorden Harriers Ultra Championship 2018.

Hi Ryk,
I’m thrilled that we have included the High Life Ultra as one of the seven races in our 2018 Todmorden Harriers Ultra Championship. I really wanted to put one of your races in this time, and The High Life fitted the bill perfectly as it has a choice of distances and falls at the perfect time of the year to compliment the other races, and doesn’t clash with any of the British or English Championship races.
I hope very much I will be able to do the race myself as I will be defending my title!
Look forward to meeting you


New Medals for 2018

For those that like bling, We have just ordered NEW fancy die cut medals for 2018 races. They will look great, but you’ll have to enter The Welcome Ultra to find out just how stunning they are…

Entries are already doing well don’t forget you can claim an early bird discount or order your season ticket before the end of 2017.

If the season ticket is a surprise present let me know and I wont add the recipient to the start list of the events until you say.