Marshal Page for The Dales High Way 8th May 2021

I will start up a messenger group next week, but in the meantime. Here is what we have. If you are unhappy with what I have allocated, let me know and I will see if it can be swapped.

  • START: Saltaire (Victoria Hall) Open 6am to 9am : Ryk Downes & Steve Brown
  • Checkpoint 1: Addingham (12.5 miles) Open 8.30am to 11am : Mark Limon
  • Checkpoint 2: Hetton (25 miles) Open 10am to 1.30pm : Daz Lambert
  • Checkpoint 3: Janet’s Foss (30 miles) Open 11am to 3pm : Bev Downes
  • Checkpoint 4: Settle (36 miles) Open 1pm to 5pm : Chris and Tony Grogan
  • Checkpoint 5: Wharfe (42.5 miles) Open 2pm to 8pm : Helen Clayman
  • Checkpoint 6: Chapel le Dale (50.5 miles) Open 4pm to 10pm (DROP BAG) : John and Jean Hussey
  • Checkpoint 7: Dent (61 miles) Open 5.30pm to 2am (SUN) : Matt Gibson
  • Checkpoint 8: Wath (75 miles) Open 9.30pm to 9am (SUN) (DROP BAG) : Stuart Black
  • Checkpoint 9: Great Asby (83 miles) Open 11pm to 12 noon (SUN) : Nicky Bunting
  • Finish 90 Miles: Appleby Moot Hall (Tourist Information Centre) (89 miles) Open midnight to 9pm : Ryk Downes & Steve Brown
  • Finish 100 Miles: Appleby Moot Hall (103 miles) Open midnight to 9pm Ryk Downes & Steve Brown

Here is a link to the approximate runners times through the checkpoints. The Saturday Checkpoints will be like normal checkpoints and I will supply a file with the exact location on next week.

The night time checkpoints are where the field will really spread out. I suspect that after a few hours have passed and most have come through those at the back can be picked up by the support crews helping out, so if you can’t do the full night shift let me know and will we manage with ‘flying’ marshals. It may be if there is a big gap you want to pop into Appleby and wait with us at the finish until needed back at the CP.

If you are on a evening/night time checkpoint could you let me know if you have the ability to boil water to provide hot drinks please.

I will arrange with you separately to get a box of supplies to you either before or during the race. At the checkpoint you should socially distance where possible, make a note of who has come through. If you are concerned about the state of a runner or someone is injured, please let me or Jools (the medic) 07971 046563 know.

In addition to the above the following support crews may be available Mark Limon, Helena Dillon, Jools Lawson. Depending on where their runners are. Bev Downes will be on standby and Jools Hall (1stAid) will be on hand throughout.

The number of runners is very small this time I’m afraid. I think CoVid has had a massive role in this as it is a very tough course straight after lockdown, so I’m afraid your role might be a bit boring (take a book to read!), but very essential.

Finally if you are in an area with a mobile signal please watch the website for when the runners are due into the CP. If you are not, it might be worth seeing if you can park up at a place that is nearby and popping back when you can see that they are due. There is the facility to click on the leaderboard and it will give you an eta for each runner to your CP after they have left the last one (it looks like a podium).

Any questions, please ask.

Thank you again for volunteering. Race credits for those that want them will be available after the event, just let me know.

See you soon.