Marshals Corner

Without marshals, Punk Panther Ultra Marathons would not be able to take place. There are several marshalling jobs for volunteers on race day.

Start: To perform kit checks or hand out race numbers.

Checkpoints: These are either refreshment stops (We provide the refreshments) where runners must pass through and their times recorded.

Crossings: To help advise runners of traffic/trains, you cannot stop traffic and runners must decide for themselves if it is safe to cross.

Sweepers: You can sweep the course at the back to remove tape and signs and help the last runners if needed.

Finish: To record times, ensure all runners are ok and are fed and watered

Transport: To take runners back from the finish to the car park near the start.

If you would like to marshal a race you get a reward race* in return please contact us if you are interested.

The following Marshals have earned the number of races shown.

*You need two marshal credits to enter The High Life 105K or 125K race. You can use one credit towards an entry for The Dales Way which will give you £35 off. Marshal codes are now individual and available upon request.

Correct up to and including A Short Circuit 2019

Zoe Garvey 6
Tamara Weatherhead 6
Kirsten Whitehead 6
David Whapples 5
Daz Lambert 4
Alex Whapples 4
Andrea Bowen 3
Vanessa Ford 3
Emma Kicks 3
Ellen Marie 3
Jules Potter 3
Tess Tesseyman 3
Gavin Birkett 2
Stuart Black 2
Chloe Brooks 2
Duncan Burgess 2
Neil Charlton 2
Helena Dillon 2
Dom Garvey 2
Gareth Jones 2
Sara Mollis 2
Kim Roden 1
Martin Scott 2
Ian Stewart 2
Jane Tesseyman 2
Michael Woodhead 1
Catherine Barber 1
Laura Brown 1
Verity Brown 1
Jen Buck 1
Tom Buck 1
Peter Burton 1
Nat Clark 1
Laura Clarke 1
Andrea Cleary 1
John Croall 1
Louise Croall 1
Stephen Dillon 1
Karen Dove 1
Sarah Fuller 1
Ged Futter 1
Ian Grimsey 1
Lee Gumbrell 1
Margaret Harley 1
Lydia Harvey 1
Paul Holdsworth 1
Jeanette Holmes-Thompson 1
Daniel Holt 1
Miami Holt 1
Jeanette Hussey 1
Kate Jackson 1
Wane Law 1
Nick Leathley 1
Mark Limon 1
Gary Linacre 1
Hannah Lupton 1
Tom Lynch 1
Mrs Manley 1
Megan McCall 1
Ross McCall 1
Roxanne McIlvenny 1
Billy McKie 1
James Middlebrook 1
Donna Mitchell 1
Alex Nancolas 1
Mark Oldham-Fox 1
Darren Parker 1
Josh Perry 1
Andy Pettit 1
Rebecca Quinn 1
Amanda Seims 1
Kate Shaw 1
Sarah Smith 1
Vicky Stainburn 1
Tom Stewart 1
Steve Taylor 1
Philippa Wilkinson 1
Mark Wood 1
Jim Wright 1
Graham Yare 1

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