A Christmas Cracker Handicap 2020 Start Times.

The runners with times TBC need to supply me with their most recent ultra result (or longest run if you’ve not done an ultra). If it is not a PP event you will not qualify for the handicap trophy. Those with an * are not eligible for the Handicap Trophy. Those with ** I am awaiting confirmation that there are resident in a T3 on the 16/1/21 and thus legally able to take part.

You may start before your posted start time, but then will be non–competitive and not qualify for the handicap trophy. You may start after your posted start time without penalty if you are that confident!

PP points earned in this race will count towards the season champion and are the last points that can be earnt for the 2020 season.

If you all run true to your average time over the last 12 months you should all finish at 4pm! The course will be released after the weekend. I can provide a provisional one now if you are going out to recce any of it this weekend.

If you no longer wish to take part please let me know by midnight on Sunday 3rd Jan and I will give you a free transfer to another PP race (to the value of your credit for The Christmas Cracker). After that if you cannot race or the race is cancelled due to Coronovirus, I will let you have a 50% of your Christmas Cracker credit off another PP race.

There will be four checkpoints The Timble Ings CP is the same CP you visit it at the start and finish of the Beamsley Beacon Loop. The rest of the route is an out and back course. NO CP on the way out (If you can’t run for 10 miles under your own steam!) but there will be one on the way back at Lindley Bridge.

Please note no CP will close until all runners are through, the times are the expected times. Sunrise is 8:16 and sunset is 16:18. Everyone should have a headtorch in case…
CP1 – Timble Ings  9.94mi Open 8.30am to 2.30pm
CP2 – Langbar  15.37mi Open 10.30am to 13.30pm
CP3 – Timble Ings 22.01mi Open 8.30am to 2.30pm
CP4 – Lindley Bridge 28.24mi Open 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Finish 31.95mi Open 3pm to 6pm
Phil Hammond 06:05
Brett Longstaff 06:25*
Helen Moorse 07:00*
Caroline Rainbow 07:01
Chris Petch 07:05
Kirstan Gaughan 07:42*
Richard Lawton 07:58
Martin Scott 08:19*
Iain Addison 08:20
Richard Whitaker 08:20
Rachel Hewitt 08:21
Matthew Armstrong 08:25
Andy Pickering 08:27
Graham Robertson 08:27*
Wayne Avery 09:13
John Pratt 09:14
Steff Quinn 09:15
Chris Kirton 09:20
Tom Suttill 09:21
Marcus Moss 09:24
Seb Munday 09:30
Scott Kelly 09:38
Stephen Ball 09:40**
Andy Robinson 10:12
Eddy Healey 10:23*
Neil Jones 10:38
Stephen Kirk 10:58
Stewart Newberry TBC