Welcome Ultra 2020: James Ellis – Endure Nutrition and Fitness

I’m normally running these things so I got a different side of the PP family and set up by being in the finishing hall to offer massages today.

I’ve always known Ryk and Bev and all the volunteers put a tonne of hard work in to the races, but today I saw just how much first hand.

For about eight hours at the finish, they worked non stop. Feeding and watering, tending to wounds, giving words of encouragement and doing so with a constant smile, while also keeping the hall a clean and safe environment (some going with the load of mud you lot traipsed in 😂).

I used to think running the races was hard enough – now I know how exhausting the organisation of race day is 👏👏👏

Thanks guys for all you do. And bravo to all the runners who had some amazing performances.

I hope the massage service was useful for those I got round to doing. Sorry I couldn’t fit everyone in.

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