The Dales Way Challenge 2019 – Kev Limon

What an event!!
Support staff and checkpoints were outstanding …..Half way checkpoint was something else kitchen staff pumping out vast quantities of hot food and drink to everyone.
Not a course to be underestimated
especially with addition of a few days prior heavy rain added to the equation.
Ran with lots of different people from start to finish all enhancing the experience.
Slightly off course at one point(of many🙃) I jumped(alright climbed)over a fence and bumped back into a group who included Andy and Angela who’d buddied up for the event.
I ended up running most of the night section and the rest of the event with them, Angela doing practically all of the navigation duties was a godsend and ment I could concentrate on running and trying not to falll over.
Pace was good, maintainable and we were eating up the miles. Angela’s feet were progressively getting worse causing her to stop a couple times to dress them., Andy kept her spirits up with constant banter.
She struggled on with the pain for the rest of the event refusing point blank to even consider a DNF!
After the last checkpoint with a bit of gentle persuasion by Andy and me and a little kick of adrenaline Angela bounced back running when she could power walking when she couldn’t, the three of us crossed the line together
all smiling, perfect finish
to a great Challenge!

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