The Dales Way Challenge 2019 – John Hussey

I think I might have just about recovered sufficiently to reflect on the Event. This was double the distance I’ve ever run before, I’ve never run through the night and I drew on resources I never knew I had to get to the finish just within the 36hour cut off.

A huge thank you to Ryk, Bev and all the volunteers/marshals/medics who made this event possible and kept me going when the easiest thing would have been to just drop out! I’m so glad I kept going to the bitter end! The attention the Medics gave to my stinking, battered, soggy feet was way beyond the call of duty.

What would I have done without Hannah and David (who I had never met before) for their company, friendship and support to get to the end especially through my darker moments? I seem to remember the phrase “lets just get this over and done with” being repeated several times with no option of an opt out!

It has been a privilege to have taken part in this Challenge and one I will never forget.

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