The High Life 2019 – Race Report

Running four races on one day is challenging, when virtually all of your marshals pull out during race week including one on race day it becomes even more challenging, so first off an absolutely massive thanks to Tamara Weatherhead Ian Grimsey (hope I’ve tagged the right one!) Tom Storey Paul Ramsden Louis Bortoli Steff Quinn Denise McGeachy for stepping in at the last minute along with regular stalwarts Danielle Reynard David Barker Paige Barker and of course Bev Downes without whom we would not have had a race!

Thanks before hand to Chris JOnes Matt Gibson and Dave Parker for helping tape the race. As most of you know I was competing in the Spine the week before and didn’t know if I could put out over 80 miles of tape by myself in the week before as I normally do.

Finally thanks to Vanessa Ford and Helen Clayman for sweeping the race, despite both carrying injuires.

Onto the race itself. I woke up at 5am to rain, but it soon cleared and whilst it was a very hot day it was not quite as hot as last years race. Everyone seemed better prepared in case of the heat. There were a couple of nasty falls Matt Gibson and Nick Leathley, the former requiring hospital treatment, but I understand both runners are recovering quickly. A few retirements due to stomach issues, but on the whole a good success rate.

There were a few issues with a couple of 50km runners missing the cairn and trying to do a longer course. To reciprocate three longer course runners tried to run along the river bed from Dob Park bridge taking the 50km route to the finish, but soon realised their error and were back climbing Sword Point.

Some interesting feedback was that a couple of runners said they were more exhausted than after the Fellsman and this race again was declared harder than a Hardmoors. Nice accolades from runners who came in swearing that I was a sadist with the route and the climb, but all agreeing the views were stunning and that it was a great course. Well I’d never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do (after all this is one of my training runs mwahahaha). There is a lot of variety in our races and I love designing the routes to be, lets say challenging.

The trackers were very useful especially during the night section, for the most part I had my eye on you and was able to ring a few of you when you had made interesting route choices!

So finally thank you to all those who ran and helped. Don’t forget our next race is The Dales Way Challenge, celebrating 50 years of the Dales Way. If you aren’t running. I need all the marshals I can get! Next race in the series is Reservoir Dogs, which is probably the easiest race, but also has some of the best scenery and is many peoples favourite race in the series – DON’T MISS IT!!!!

See you all soon – Ryk

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