A checkpoint too Far 2019 – High Life Race Report by Mark Limon

Saturday’s race was a bit of an experience for me. Once again my Achilles heel ,figuratively not literally stroke again ,hot weather ! 3 times out of the last four races I have finished up on my knees with my stomach completely emptying itself leading to 2 DNFs. Both times I managed to get over 35 miles but then had to call it a day.
Back to the drawing board for me !!!
However the course I did complete. A very challenging course has it all , height gain in abundance , lots of technical trail , indistinct paths in places , boggy ground and good trails.
I completed the GB Peninne Barrier Ultra 50 mile 2 weeks ago which is essentially the Yorkshire 3 Peaks plus trail marathon. Although a bit more overall height gain than the High Life it was a much easier course to navigate with the majority of trails good where you could really pick up pace.
Overall the 36 miles I completed is the toughest course I have done and I have done quite a few from the Peak District to the Cheviots, unfinished businesses for next year !!!

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